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Good immersive experiences stay with you for a long time afterwards, great ones can be life altering. It is a sensory adventure where you are an integral part of the narrative. This innovative form of entertainment enthralls you, involving all 5 senses (sometimes 6), it captivates and takes you through a journey of discovery of sensations and realities unlike anything else.

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While each of our productions is unique, we strive to make all our experiences unpredictable, exciting, thought provoking and mesmerising. Our vision is to bring a high quality immersive experiences to a broad audience and create one of a kind moments that create long lasting memories.  

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Smadar Krampf

The creator of Arpilit, Smadar Krampf, fell in love with immersive theater and combined that love with experience in guerilla marketing and storytelling. She weaves together psychology, game theory, sociology, anthropology, theater and more to create extraordinary events. For the past three years she had been designing and leading her own immersive productions end to end. Smadar is an alumnus of the exclusive CreativeXR accelerator, supported by the Digital Catapult and Arts Council England and mentored by creators from benchmark companies such as Punchdrunk and Epic Games.

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