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Arpilit is a team of creators, led by Smadar Krampf, that has been working together for years to fashion original and exceptional immersive experiences for clients of all kinds. Arpilit collaborates with additional suppliers and creators as needed to bring to life a perfect and unique event for each and every client.


Who is
Smadar Krampf?

Smadar Krampf, Arpilit’s founder, fell in love with immersive theater and has been focusing on imagining and building immersive experiences for varied clients and purposes ever since. Her goals, she says, are to “make dreams come true, evoke emotions, and craft new worlds.” Smadar founded Arpilit after honing her versatile creative talents throughout her career. She worked as a copywriter in guerilla marketing, in creative art direction, in storytelling, digital and gaming, as a project and product manager, and more.


Over the years, Smadar has acquired considerable experience working with multiple platforms, expanding her skills in production and realization, management, artistic creation and site-specific theater. She worked with different types of clients in various fields, from big companies to private businesses and individuals.


Under the auspices of Arpilit, Smadar has been working with her team to design unforgettable immersive experiences by weaving together psychology, game theory, sociology, anthropology, theater and more. For the past five years, she has been designing and leading her own immersive productions end-to-end. Her projects demonstrate meticulous attention to details, aesthetic precision, authenticity, a sense of luxury and creativity of the highest standards. ​


Smadar is an alumnus of the exclusive CreativeXR accelerator, supported by the Digital Catapult and Arts Council England and mentored by creators from benchmark companies such as Punchdrunk and Epic Games.

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