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College of extraordinary experiences 

Annual Premium event
Experience design for conference
150-100 participants


Right when we got off the plane we were surprisingly greeted by what can only be described as a green, hooded… goblin who wanted to help us with our bags.


We then drove up through the countryside until the castle was revealed behind the band. This is not my first Rodeo, as they say, but as the initiation ceremony starts it is clear this is not just another conference. 

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Photos by: Johan-Paul Bichard

For the past 3 years we have designed and produced the immersive aspect of the 3 day E- conference event for Experience Designers (Disney, Blizzard, Ikea, Nasa). 

The whole conference is an immersive experience meant to provide experience designers with ideas and inspiration. 

The conference includes educational lectures and workshops but is designed around creating an immersive experience for participants - you might encounter a secret room in the library or a riddle inside a treasure chest. The experience involves actors, technology, riddles and more. For example, participants are led to a room with 8 different containers, they have to figure out which drink is safe to drink. When they drink and reach the last drop a loud sound is heard in the distance and a violinist starts playing outside the window inviting them to join him for another experience. The twists are almost endless, a secret bar where they learn to brew their own concussion, secret treasure chests around the castle that hold real prizes, a secret dungeon and many surprising interactions.

Through the narrow hallway, and past the suite of armor,

the secret door opens…

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Photos by: Johan-Paul Bichard

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