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Lua launch event

Launch event
Immersive experience
200 people


It starts out as a run of the mill launch event, tables around the room, people networking. Suddenly the lights go out and a mysterious voice, Lua (from the app), tells us we are in her temple and are welcome to explore it.


When her voice dies down and the lights come on we  discover that what we thought was a wall is actually an entirely new space and we are invited to explore this new space just as actors wearing masks come in. 

They can discover secret spaces and experiences. 

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Artboard 31_3x-100.jpg

Many people are jaded by dating apps, so we knew we had to go big so people understood how different this app is. Lua is a dating app where the algorithm matches you based on different criteria and compatibility, without knowing what the match looks like. The app includes creating mystery and experiences that help the user get to know themselves and their match better through unique methods, the feel of which were recreated in the event.

The client wanted to stress the values of intimacy, depth and meaningfulness, and so the launch event was designed to create that experience. An opportunity for strangers to meet, similar to what happens in the app. 

The launch included different experiences such as a Memory bottler - where people described a memory and were asked about different smells, sounds from that memory. The bottler then combined a concoction that mimicked that smell and look and created that memory in a bottle. A different room was full of keys hanging from the ceiling, participants tried to find the one key that opened a box, though reacting to a guitarists playing live music in the room. Other experiences included a live matchmaker (people who can help each other), special foods, fortune teller and workshops.

We enter the room as strangers but leave knowing things that only very few people know...

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