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Theater in Place

Entertainment and education
Immersive experience combined in onboarding conference
Over 100,000 Players (Target audience: kids 10-14 )



As you log on, a fairy, fire coming out of her hands, greets you personally and invites you to take part in this adventure, where you can choose the world you want to enter and the games you want to play. 

Artboard 31_3x-100.jpg

Theater in Place is an interactive online game born out of the necessity of quarantine. It is created around different familiar stories such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and the Wizard of Oz. The game combined online play, with real actors, circus performers, riddles and prizes. 


The game targets kids ages 10-14 who were at that time mostly stuck at home during quarantine. We also wanted to allow actors and performers, who could not perform, an opportunity to work. 


As per the customer’s request the whole game from design to execution was created in the span of two weeks. The game reached over 50,000 unique players in under a week and was featured in many news outlets.


Let’s see what riddles the Wizard of Oz has in store for us...

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